The R. K. Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital consist of a 60 bedded Hospital with OPD and IPD Facilities, Panchakarma Unit, Central Laboratory, Primary Emergency Care Unit, General Wards, Operation Theatres, Consultation Rooms, X-ray Room, ECG Room, Sonography Room, Physio Therapy Facility, etc.

The main objective of the Hospitals is to provide medical care through Ayurvedic System of Medicine to the suffering humanity and the Institute is doing excellent activities in the field of Patient Care Activities through its OPD, IPD, Panchakarma Therapies, Primary Emergency Care Unit, Central Laboratory, many Specialty Clinics and facilities like Pathological Tests, Bio-chemical Tests, X-ray, ECG, Ultra Sound, Treatment of Anorectal, Jalokavacharan, Agnikarma, Pregnancy Test, Vaccination Unit, etc. Special treatment facilities are available for various eye diseases and disorders, other ENT related disorders. There is an Ambulance available in the hospital to take care of patients in emergency situation .




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